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Case Studies

Welcome to the world of exceptional dental expertise! Explore the remarkable case studies of Dr. Arshad, a distinguished dental professional who has made significant contributions to the field. With a wealth of experience and a passion for delivering unparalleled care, Dr. Arshad has achieved remarkable milestones and garnered recognition from international forums. Let's delve into some of his groundbreaking publications and case reports:

Comparative Expression of Periodontal Pathogens in Pregnant Women with Periodontitis and Diabetes in Indian Population: A Case Control Study

Published in the esteemed IOSR Journal of Dental and Medical Sciences in July 2014, this seminal manuscript by Dr. Arshad sheds light on the intricate relationship between periodontitis, diabetes, and pregnancy.

Through meticulous research and a comprehensive case control study, Dr. Arshad reveals the comparative expression of periodontal pathogens in pregnant women, providing valuable insights for effective treatment and management.

Assessment of Porphyromonas Gingivalis and Aggregatibacter Actinomycetemcomitans in Down's Syndrome Subjects and Systemically Healthy Subjects: A Comparative Clinical Trial

In December 2014, Dr. Arshad's article published in PubMed captures his relentless pursuit of knowledge and patient-centric care. The study focuses on assessing the presence of Porphyromonas gingivalis and Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans in both Down's syndrome subjects and systemically healthy subjects.

This groundbreaking comparative clinical trial helps understand the oral health implications for individuals with Down's syndrome and highlights the importance of tailored treatment approaches.

Reconstruction of Pink Aesthetics: The Periodontal Way

Dr. Arshad's pioneering case reports published in PubMed in January to March 2015 present the artistry and finesse of periodontal reconstruction. With a keen eye for detail, Dr. Arshad showcases the transformative power of periodontal interventions in enhancing pink aesthetics.

Through these case reports, he demonstrates the immense impact of periodontal procedures in restoring patients' smiles and confidence.

Aesthetic Single Tooth Replacement with Basal Implant

In May 2021, Dr. Arshad's case reports published in the prestigious International Journal of Contemporary Medical Research showcase his expertise in achieving aesthetically pleasing outcomes with basal implant-supported single tooth replacements.

The meticulous documentation and successful treatment demonstrate Dr. Arshad's commitment to utilising advanced implant techniques and cutting-edge technology to deliver superior results.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation with Immediate Loading of Basal Implants – Not Just Teeth, It's Emotion and Good Health

Dr. Arshad's profound case reports, published in the International Journal of Dental and Medical Sciences Research in 2019, highlight his holistic approach to full mouth rehabilitation. By emphasising the emotional and overall health aspects of dental restoration,

Dr. Arshad showcases his dedication to improving patients' lives beyond mere dental function. Through immediate loading of basal implants, he delivers life-changing transformations that bring back smiles and enhance overall well-being.

Dr. Arshad's exceptional case studies and publications serve as testaments to his unwavering commitment to advancing dental care. With his unique blend of expertise, compassion, and innovation, Dr. Arshad continues to redefine dental excellence, one patient at a time.

Contact Dr. Arshad today to learn more about his pioneering work, schedule a consultation, or explore opportunities for collaboration. Together, let us push the boundaries of dental and medical sciences to create a healthier and more beautiful world.

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